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Component Video Cables

RG-6 type 75 ohm video cable, three conductors; CL2 rated for in-wall installation

Length Price Length Price
3 ft. Component Cable 10.25

25 ft. Component Cable 21.50

Out of stock

6 ft. Component Cable 12.00

35 ft. Component Cable 28.50

10 ft. Component Cable 14.25

Out of stock

50 ft. Component Cable 36.00

15 ft. Component Cable 17.00

Out of stock

Tartan Component Video Cables

Component video is the highest-quality analog video format widely supported on consumer audio and video equipment; component video cables convey analog video in three discrete channels, Y (Luminance) and Pb and Pr ("color difference" signals), to give excellent color depth and resolution. Component video cables can carry high-definition or standard-definition signals; the most important characteristics of a good component video cable are 75 ohm impedance (to minimize signal reflections), effective shielding (to minimize entry of extraneous noise) and low loss (important where longer runs are concerned). Our component video cables combine an RG-6 type cable stock with a substantial 18 AWG bare copper center conductor with high-quality soldered RCA connectors, and are CL2 rated for in-wall installation.