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HDMI to DVI Cables

Tartan 24 AWG Tinned Copper HDMI to DVI Cables
Gold-plated connectors; CL2 rated for in-wall installation
Available in either black or white outer jacket
Note: in some cases, if black cable is ordered and out of stock, we will substitute a
(normally higher-priced) Blue Jeans Cable Series-2 silver-plated copper cable.
Length Price Length Price
2 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 8.00

Out of stock

10 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 12.00

3 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 8.50

15 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 14.50

Out of Stock

4 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 9.00

20 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 17.00

5 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 9.50

25 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 19.50

6 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 10.00

30 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 22.00

7 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 10.50

35 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 24.50
Black only

Out of stock

8 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 11.00

40 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 27.00

Out of stock

9 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 11.50

50 ft. HDMI to DVI Cable 32.00

Out of stock

Tartan HDMI to DVI Cables

HDMI cable is a relatively new type of home video connection, supported on most high-definition displays and sources and on some standard-definition equipment as well. HDMI is backward-compatible with single-link DVI-D type connections, so in the vast majority of cases, devices with DVI-D or DVI-I jacks can be successfully connected to HDMI devices with a DVI to HDMI cable. HDMI/DVI cable carries what amounts basically to a digital version of RGB video, and because the DVI standard does not support embedded audio, this connection will carry video but no audio. Our standard HDMI/DVI cable is a 24 AWG tinned-copper cable, made by Copartner, a leading Chinese producer of HDMI cable; we've chosen it for reliable performance coupled with a very reasonable price. These cables are rated CL2, making them lawful for in-wall installations in National Electrical Code jurisdictions.

Certain questions come up repeatedly involving DVI/HDMI cable, so we'll try to anticipate and answer a few of those here:

  • An HDMI to DVI cable is the same thing as a DVI to HDMI cable; it will work in either direction.
  • An HDMI to DVI cable cannot be used in connection with a DVI-to-VGA adapter or any other arrangement to route analog video into or out of digital ports.
  • Some HDMI to DVI cables may have more pins in the DVI connector than ours does. These pins represent DVI-A analog connections or DVI-D Dual Link connections; when they are present, they are not connected to anything. The absence of these pins from our cables does not affect function in any way.
  • A DVI-D plug can be plugged into a DVI-I socket; if your device has a DVI-I socket, it will work with this cable as long as it accepts (or puts out) a digital DVI signal.