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S-Video Cable

Tartan S-Video Cables
Gold-plated mini-DIN connectors; CL2 rated for in-wall installation
Length Price Length Price
3 ft. S-Video Cable 2.75

25 ft. S-Video Cable 8.25

Out of Stock

6 ft. S-Video Cable 3.25

35 ft. S-Video Cable 10.50

Out of Stock

10 ft. S-Video Cable 4.00

50 ft. S-Video Cable 13.75

Out of Stock

15 ft. S-Video Cable 4.75

Out of stock

Tartan S-Video Cables

S-Video Cables are used to carry standard-definition analog video from various types of sources, including S-VHS tape decks and many satellite receivers. Internally, s-video cables consist of a pair of miniature 75 ohm video coaxes, one of which carries the luminance (brightness) signal along with sync pulses and the other of which carries the chrominance (color) portion of the signal. S-Video Cable does not carry audio signals, so accompanying audio cables normally are required. S-Video Cable is a better type of connection than composite video, but inferior to component or HDMI, and so should be used only if those better connection options aren't available.