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Stereo Audio Cable

Tartan Stereo Audio Cables
RG-59 type, Gold-plated RCA connectors; CL2 rated for in-wall installation
Length Price Length Price
3 ft. Stereo Audio Cable 8.25

Temp. out of stock

25 ft. Stereo Audio Cable 17.00 Out of Stock
6 ft. Stereo Audio Cable 9.00

Out of stock

35 ft. Stereo Audio Cable 21.00

10 ft. Stereo Audio Cable 9.75

Out of stock

50 ft. Stereo Audio Cable 25.00

15 ft. Stereo Audio Cable 12.50

Out of Stock

Tartan Stereo Audio Cables

Stereo audio cables come in left/right pairs, color-coded red and white, for interconnection of analog two-channel audio equipment. Audio cables are required alongside most video cable types, including composite, s-video, component and DVI, because those types of video cables do not carry audio signals. Stereo audio cables now are commonly used wherever a digital audio connection is not available; for example, most television displays do not accept a digital audio input, and so if you're going to use the speakers in your display, analog stereo audio is the typical connection type used. These cables can also be used for interconnecction of multichannel analog equipment, such as SACD players; in such a case, multiple sets will be required to connect all of the channels. Our stereo audio cables are based upon an RG-59 type cable, have gold-plated solder-type RCA connectors, and are CL2 rated for in-wall installation.