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Subwoofer Cable

Tartan Subwoofer Cables
RG-59 type, Gold-plated RCA connectors; CL2 rated for in-wall installation
Length Price Length Price
3 ft. Subwoofer Cable 2.50

Out of Stock

25 ft. Subwoofer Cable 6.00

6 ft. Subwoofer Cable 3.25

Out of stock

35 ft. Subwoofer Cable 8.00

Out of stock

10 ft. Subwoofer Cable 4.00

Out of stock

50 ft. Subwoofer Cable 9.75

Out of Stock

15 ft. Subwoofer Cable 5.00

Out of stock

Tartan Subwoofer Cables

A subwoofer interconnect cable is used to connect a powered subwoofer to an A/V receiver or other low-frequency line-level audio source. Our subwoofer cables are specifically designed for analog audio usage, with a stranded bare copper center conductor and a single-braid bare copper, 95% coverage shield braid.